Our Story

Are you too busy chasing life, you feel so lost? Are you consumed by daily tasks, and the stress to achieve your dreams are wearing you thin?

You need a bit of organization magic.

I created Portly Planner out of necessity to be highly organized. I used to be a person who never planned. Life caught up with me, got me stressed out. I was terribly overwhelmed. I needed a planner that can not only help plan my work schedule, but my life. As I learned to be an organized individual, I also learnt big dreams are usually not achieved because of the same problem. This planner is designed to help you categorize your goals to smaller, achievable steps so you won't feel overwhelmed. We want you to be able to strategize your dreams and turn them to reality. We want to bring system and organization in your life, so you can finally achieve your dreams.

On top of that, we also want you to be able to plan your days, weeks, months and your year so your life will become more streamlined and manageable. We know life is hectic, but when you manage your days, you can breathe easier.

Contact Information

Portly Paperie Sdn Bhd (1203251-D)
Lot 2805, Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Email: charlie.m@portlypaperie.com
Phone: +6011 3398 0398